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Model Energy Efficient Projects

A Massachusetts School Investment in “Green Energy” Pays Off

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Model Renewable Energy Projects

Read how Fort Collins Colorado created a new high school that was 60% more energy efficient

Read how Shaker High School in New York is capturing solar energy

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Latest News

FAQ on QSCB 4/7/09

QSCB Allocations for 2009 4/3/09

ED Schedule of Distribution of Funds 3/11

New ED Guidance 3/11/09

ED update on ARRA (Stimulus) 2/27/09

Table of Free/Reduced Lunch % for LEAs State By State 2/24/09

ED Summary of Stimulus Education Funds 2/18/09

ED State-by-State Allocation of Stimulus Education Funds 2/18/09

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - State Stabilization Allocations (The State Fiscal Stabilization Fund consists of a State Incentive Grant Program, an Innovation Fund, and a general fund to be used to help states maintain 2008 levels of education funding.)

Go to "Row V" for your States' school modernization allocaton
State Stabilization Allocations


State Allocations by LEA

Commonwealths & Districts

Click here to find out how NEF can help you ACCESS $3.5 billion in school modernization QZAB funds including $2.8 billion stimulus funds.

Stimulus Amounts for Schools

Construction $8.8 Billion maximum
$13B Title I
$12.2B IDEA (Special Ed)
$650M Education Technology


$2.8B QZAB (Zero Interest Bonds)
$22B QSCB (Qualified School Construction Bonds)